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About mARTha

Knox Martin writes, “Ms. Martha Bloom is an awakened poem- perhaps the only thing that is awake in the world… her art and ebullient teaching ability is at the heart of what is compassion and intelligent depth, a rare patience which plumbs what makes creation possible…”

While having studied in several colleges it was the League where Ms. Bloom found her artistic home. She received her Certificate of Completion in Fine Arts Graphics and studied sculpture, drawing and painting. Ms. Bloom received the McDowell Traveling Scholarship and served on the Board of Control for three years as a graphics representative.

She studied with many living legends: drawing with Robert Beverly Hale; painting with Isaac Soyer, Sidney Dickinson and Bruce Dorfman; sculpture with José de Creeft and Sidney Simon; printmaking with Ponce De León and Seong Moy; and more. Ms. Bloom taught a children’s class at the League since 1986 until last year when she began teaching an all-ages, all-media Saturday class. She also teaches all ages at the National Academy School and Silvermine School of Art (CT), along with workshops, outreach and museum programs. Ms. Bloom’s intuitive and distinctive style of artmaking integrates her training in many media. She has a natural affinity for found collections and an imaginative take on universal issues.

Jeff Guerrier, formerly the Librarian of Prints and Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, writes “Bloom is an emotional surrealist whose work evokes the loneliness of each viewer’s own psyche in beautiful melancholic mindscapes.”

Her work has been exhibited widely and is represented in many private and public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Academy, Columbia Museum, Delaware Art Museum and the Library of Congress.  She is a long-term member of the Silvermine Guild of Artists.

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